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What We’re Reading This Week

  • The secret (and amazing) world of public health laboratories – Kim Krisberg took a tour of the Texas state public health lab.  Her takeaway: public health labs are “seriously cool.”  We happen to agree.  Her post gives a terrific glimpse into a public health lab.  This is definitely a must-read!
  • US disease agency in fiscal peril – The current federal budget situation is pretty grim across the board.  This article does a great job explaining the budgetary woes with regard to CDC.  Scott Becker, APHL’s executive director, likes to use the term “train wreck” to describe it (the budgetary situation, not the article).
  • New Facebook Feature Lets You Mark Yourself as ‘Safe’ After Major Disaster – After a disaster it can be hard to reach loved ones by phone or email to see if they’re ok.  So now there is this app on Facebook that helps with that situation.  Both cool and practical!
  • FIRST Lego League examines foodborne illnesses – File this under my favorite category: Awesome things that awesome kids are doing to make their world healthier.  Teams of fourth through eighth graders in Iowa designed and built robots out of Legos and then wrote computer programs to solve problems with food safety in the food chain.  I believe Whitney Houston had it right when she sang, “I believe the children are our future laboratorians…” Ok, so maybe I added the “laboratorian” part.

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