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What We’re Reading: Flu Edition

By Stephanie Chester, MS, Senior Specialist, Influenza Programs, APHL

Flu cartoon -- Cross-country hitchhiker

Many of you have seen or heard the recent headlines: “Flu reaches epidemic level,” “Flu season strikes early,” and “Death increases, misery mounts”.  There’s no doubt that this season started earlier and stronger than the past few seasons, but it’s important to remember that every influenza season is unique. Listed below are the articles and websites we have been reading this week.

If you can only read one: This article has great information covering a lot of different issues.  It addresses common concerns and myths about flu and the vaccine; it also responds to reasons people often give for not getting the vaccine like “I never get the flu!”

What’s going on right now?

Debunking Common Myths about Influenza and the Flu Vaccine

  • Flu Shot Causes Flu? Nonsense – 4 Flu Vaccine Myths Busted: The flu vaccine is a great way to protect yourself from season influenza. Learn about the most common myths and misgivings about the vaccine — like it doesn’t cause flu!
  • Flu Season 2013: What You Need to Know: There are a lot of respiratory viruses floating around right now. So how do we know if we actually have flu and what to do if we get it? This article also has a great slideshow correcting many myths around influenza in general.

Vaccine Supply

Wash Your Hands!

We’ll leave you with one last thought for the day. While getting the flu vaccine is the best way to avoid getting the flu, washing your hands is the second best way.  Wash those hands frequently and stay healthy!  Check out this fun video to really understand why hand washing is so important: Toothbrush Prank


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