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September is Public Health Laboratory Appreciation Month

September is Public Health Laboratory Appreciation Month graphic featuring Flat Labby character

Hi! I’m Flat Labby! I had hoped to meet you earlier this year, but the past few months have been hectic for everyone. I know it’s been challenging for all of you personally and professionally. So I would like to officially introduce Public Health Laboratory Appreciation Month and say thank you for your hard work and determination!

This month is a celebration of public health laboratory heroes. Check out some of the fun activities below to celebrate APHL member labs and colleagues, and learn more about me, Flat Labby!

Don’t forget to share the fun on social media with #ThanksPHLabs and #FlatLabby:

Where did Flat Labby come from? Read my story!

Flat Labby Adventures
Do you want to share your scientific adventures with a new best friend? Look no further, I’m right here! Let’s get out of the lab and show everyone what you’re up to. Take me on a hike or to a fun event and photograph me in that environment. Have a comment or message to share? Let me help you!

Learn how to Flat Labby and print out these cool cut-outs:

Coloring Pages
Need to relax and get your creative brain moving? Print out one of these fun coloring pages. Grab some markers and colored pencils and bring me to life! Express your enthusiasm for public health labs, or just use me to brag about your art skills on social media!

Labby Letters
Send a letter of gratitude to your staff, coworkers, family and friends. It’s easy with these fun fillable letters. Just type in your sentiments of gratitude, save the file and print or email them to your favorite lab employees.

Celebration Ideas

  • Create a VidHug Video
    VidHug makes it easy to compile video messages from many people – a great way to say thanks from everyone! Create a video for your lab staff, or have your staff make one for another lab. Include me, your Flat Labby, in the VidHug action! Don’t forget to share your videos on social media using #ThanksPHLabs and #FlatLabby.
  • Public Health Laboratory Appreciation Kudoboard
    We’ve created a Public Health Laboratory Appreciation Kudoboard webpage where everyone can share their appreciation for public health labs and their tireless staff! Post your messages of gratitude and good vibes for everyone to see!
  • Customize Flat Labby’s T-Shirt
    Did you notice that one of my t-shirts is blank? The Flat Labby Cool cut-out page has a blank t-shirt, so you can create a funky, one-of-a-kind logo or design! Get everyone involved and have a contest for the best shirt!
  • Get Social (At a Distance)
    Comment and post on social media about your favorite lab staff. Don’t forget to include me, Flat Labby, with your most recent at-home “science project” or with your lab crew at the bench, and use #ThanksPHLabs and #FlatLabby when you post!

Story Time
Check out these inspiring stories about laboratory scientists:

Celebrate the Essential Work of Public Health Labs
Did you know that September is also home of several other related public health awareness celebrations? What a great time to recognize your crew’s essential contributions!

  • National Preparedness Month #BeReady
  • National Newborn Screening Month #2020NBS
  • Food Safety Education Month #FSEM
  • Get Ready Day (September 15) #GetReadyDay
  • National Health IT Week (Date TBD) #NHITweek
  • World Rabies Day (September 28) #WorldRabiesDay


  • I’m not sure dumbing science down to cartoons is helpful? There are better things we should be doing with our time and resources than this.

    • Calm down they are just trying to boost morale in the public health community. Take it as a positive gesture, not a negative one.

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