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Public/Global/Environmental Health Leaders Among “Best Thinkers”

Foreign Policy Journal just published a special issue centered on the idea of the “Top 100 Global Thinkers.”

As I was reading through my copy, I noticed that a significant number were chosen/noteworthy for public health, global health, climate change, or other environmental issues. While there is overlap (and a likelihood of “classification bias” by me) my review finds the following:

1.) 10 persons noteworthy for public health thought and initiatives…
2.) 5 persons for global health…
3.) 6 persons for climate change…
4.) 2 persons for other environmental issues.

Perhaps this might be of use/interest…or at least a diversion from H1N1. Additionally, several persons are further profiled on what they are reading, who they think are the “best thinkers,” what their best/worst ideas were, etc.

Pat Luedtke, MD, MPH
Laboratory Director
Utah Division of Epidemiology and Laboratory Services

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