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Public Health Thank You Day: APHL Says Thanks!

Today is Public Health Thank You Day (#PHTD)!  APHL has so much to be thankful for — mostly, we want to say thanks to our members, partners and staff for their hard work protecting the public’s health every day.  We are grateful to be part of this community!

Public Health Thank You Day: APHL Says Thanks! |

Some APHL staff  members have put together messages saying what they are thankful for this #PHTD

I’m always thankful for the dedicated APHL members who give so much of their time and expertise to improving public health nationally, even when they have so much to focus on in their own cities and states.  This year, I am particularly thankful for the opportunity to fully vaccinate my infant twins; the efforts of Luminex to launch a new technology without harming public health; the dedication of friends working logistics routes in the Philippines to help those affected by Typhoon Haiyan; and anything being done to maintain a functioning and effective federal government – open for the business of improving and saving lives.

– Shari Shea, Director, Food Safety

I am thankful for a Customer Support Team that is kind, enthusiastic and dedicated to helping APHL members!

– Susan Bailey, Manager, Customer Support Program

I’m thankful for all the dedicated, hardworking people in public health who keep me, my family, and my community safe and healthy.  I am thankful for clean air, clean water, good soil that my CSA can grow my veggies, and mostly for healthy babies.

– Scott Becker, Executive Director

I am thankful for all of the students who have discovered science can be a life-long passion. It is exciting to learn that the younger generations are finding laboratory science can be an excellent career to serve the needs of their family, friends and the public at large. I am thankful for all of those working to promote laboratory science as a career that impacts the health of the public. Kudos to those who work behind the scenes to keep us safe and healthy!

– Cathy Johnson, Manager, Leadership and Management Curriculum, National Center for Public Health Laboratory Leadership

I am thankful that I get to support all of the wonderful programs that make a difference in people’s lives both here and all over the world.

– Joshua Zulauf, Associate Specialist, Contracts

My thanks to public health labs for saving me from influenza’s fever, aches and pains. They keep me healthy by helping to identify the circulating strains included in each year’s flu vaccine.

– Jody DeVoll, Director, Strategic Communications

I’m thankful for working in a field that is helping to make the world a better place; full of dedicated, smart, caring people; so reliant on science, yet so connected to the people; and always open to learning and new directions.

– Megan Latshaw, Director, Environmental Health Programs

Thank you to all of our staff, members and consultants for the great work they do both domestically and internationally. In a recent trip to Vietnam, I was reminded of how APHL’s work is far reaching. It was inspiring to see how laboratory information management systems are changing the way laboratories here in the US and in countries such as Vietnam and Guyana protect the public’s health.

– Chris Mangal, Director, Public Health Preparedness and Response 

I just spent a few days with my grandson – a healthy, happy, and very rambunctious 5 year old.  I am thankful for all the public health programs that work to keep him healthy – newborn screening assuring that if he had been born with any heritable diseases they would have been detected and treated early;  immunizations protecting him from hepatitis, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, rotavirus and more; environmental health looking out for the air he breathes and the water he drinks; food safety and nutrition (together with his parents) watching out that the food he eats is not only nutritious, but free of disease causing bacteria.  Kids are all so precious.

– Jane Getchell, Senior Director, Public Health Programs


I am thankful for having the opportunity to work with so many inspiring, dedicated public health professionals that work tirelessly to help keep the whole world healthy both in mind and body!

– Patina Zarcone, Director, Informatics and Institutional Research


I am thankful for all the lab techs pipetting away to check for our safety every day. Public health never stops and I am grateful for those who work around the clock. Others’ wellbeing is their constant calling, public health professionals are so ballin’. THANK YOU!

– Caprice Retterer, Associate Specialist, Website

I’m thankful for cold weather, sunny days and public parks for running. Staying healthy through the holidays!

– Ruhiyyih Degeberg, Specialist, Newborn Screening and Genetics

I’m thankful for vaccinations that keep my family safe from serious diseases and for newborn screening programs that save babies’ lives every day.

– Michelle Forman, Senior Specialist, Media

I’m thankful for all public health initiatives geared towards ensuring an integrated food safety system.

– Dare Akingbade, Manager, Food Protection

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