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Lab Week 2021 — Celebrate with APHL

APHL celebrates Lab Week 2021 collage

Get ready for Lab Week! APHL will be joining our members and partners in celebrating the hard work and dedication of public health laboratory staff keeping us safe and healthy every day. From April 18-23, we will take extra time to show our appreciation to the dedicated individuals working at local, state, territorial and tribal labs which comprise the nation’s public health laboratory system.

Below are some fun ways you can participate in the celebration! Please be sure to use #LabWeek and #ThanksPHLabs to join the online celebration.

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Flat Labby Fun

Did you meet Flat Labby last September for Public Health Laboratory Appreciation Month? If not, here is Flat Labby’s origin story and how you can invite them to join in your celebration.

Coloring is a great way to relax and have some fun. Print these coloring pages and share with others around the lab! Flat Labby Coloring Pages

Take Flat Labby on exciting adventures around the lab or around town! Cut out a printable Flat Labby, choose whatever clothes you like (or maybe take a few outfits!) and set off on an adventure together. Be sure to post pictures on Instagram, Twitter or in our Facebook group, APHL Off the Bench using #FlatLabby. Flat Labby printable paper doll

Flat Labby says "Thank you for all you do!"Downloadable Graphics

Lab Week 2021 printable poster

Sample Social Media Posts

DYK? Public health lab staff monitor and detect health threats from #COVID19 to rabies, dengue fever to radiological contaminants, genetic disorders in newborns to terrorist agents… and so much more. Be sure to say #ThanksPHLabs this #LabWeek!

What is a public health laboratory? Check out this fun video that explains what makes public health labs unique: #LabWeek #ThanksPHLabs

Environmental testing lab staff work to keep your community healthy and safe every day. But what is an environmental testing laboratory? #LabWeek #ThanksPHLabs #environmentalhealth

#COVID19 is an emerging infectious disease, but what does that mean? When an infectious disease emerges, how do public health laboratory scientists respond to contain the threat? #LabWeek #ThanksPHLabs

Are you or someone you know considering a career working in a public health laboratory? An APHL-CDC fellowship is a great way to kickstart your career! Learn more: #LabWeek #ThanksPHLabs

Public health lab professionals test 97% of the more than four million newborns born in the US each year – that’s a lot of babies! Here are some answers to common questions about newborn screening: #LabWeek #ThanksPHLabs #NewbornScreening

Thank you

We thank APHL sustaining member Thermo Fisher Scientific for their generous support of Lab Week 2021 activities, and, of course, we thank the scientists and staff working in our nation’s public health laboratories who help keep our communities safe every day.


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