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Join the 2nd Annual QIAGEN-sponsored Microbe Masterpieces and Chemistry Creations Art Contest

Image showing hand-sculpted glass microbes and the APHL and QIAGEN logos.

Trillions of microbes are hiding in plain sight,
Another world beyond what we see.
Some crucial to our health, others cause blight.
Did you ever think of how beautiful microbes can be?

In celebration of APHL’s Public Health Laboratory Appreciation Month this September, please join the 2nd Annual QIAGEN-sponsored Microbe Masterpieces and Chemistry Creations art contest to showcase your artistic skills and win some prizes!

Create artwork of a microbe, microbial colony, biochemical analyte or chemical agent. Sketch, paint, sculpt, bake, knit – use any technique you like. Anyone who works for a local, state, federal or territorial public health laboratory is eligible to enter. When we say “public health laboratory”, we are including environmental health, agricultural and food safety labs too! Send your entry to by midnight (UTC) on September 25, 2022.

  • Every entry gets a free T-shirt and stylus gel pen. Please include your shirt size and shipping address with your submission.
Picture of the Qiagen "Gut Check" board game.
  • The grand prize winner will win a catered lunch for you and your colleagues, a gift basket of QIAGEN giveaways and a mural of all collected artwork.
  • Winners will also be chosen in three categories: Most Creative, Most Realistic and Most Inspiring. These winners will receive QIAGEN’s Gut Check Board Game.

Share and view the microbe masterpieces on social media with the tag #ThanksPHLabs and #QIAGEN.

View the QIAGEN-sponsored Microbe Masterpieces art contest terms and conditions.

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