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Introducing Your New Lab Training Partner

By Jody DeVoll, Director of Strategic Communications, APHL

Being a laboratorian in the year 2012 requires the sleight of hand of a magician, the adaptability of a chameleon and the stamina of a long distance runner. Every day brings more hurdles: new regulatory requirements, supply shortages, break-downs of critical instrumentation, and changes in algorithms, not to mention furloughs, budget cuts and reductions in force. Even multi-platform masters who expedite sample processing by roller skating between labs are challenged to keep rolling in this environment.

Face it: you need a friend, a true partner who can be counted on to deliver the training and resources you need when you need them, someone with a commitment to your professional development. Fortunately, you’re in luck: your lab training partner is here.

OK, so this isn’t what you expected, but don’t let the four legs put you off. This guy is rock solid on biosafety procedures. You won’t catch him at the bench without gloves, goggles and a lab coat.

Better yet, he knows training. Do you need continuing education credits? Ask the APHL lab about “PACE®” and other continuing education credits. Are you short on funds and travel time but still have to keep up with developments in your field?  Your lab partner will fetch webinarsteleconferences, and on-demand programs to help you build a safer lab, identify anaerobes and even differentiate between the dimorphic fungi and their doppelgangers. (If motivated with treats, the APHL lab has been known to chase off doppelgangers.) And if your budget will accommodate traditional modes of education, the APHL lab can point you to seminars and paws-on – or hands-on – laboratory workshops.

So look for the APHL Lab, your trusty guide to high quality laboratory training. He’ll be bounding along with you long after the 2012 leap year.


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