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APHL’s top 10 blog posts of 2016

APHL's top 10 blog posts of 2016 |

There is never a dull year in public health, but 2016 seemed particularly eventful. From Zika to the twentieth anniversary of PulseNet, APHL’s top blog posts reflect the ups and downs of the year. Even if it was tumultuous at times, we are extremely proud of the work done by our members, partners and staff to protect the public’s health and safety. You are all truly heroes in our book!

10. APHL: US needs an environmental health surveillance system to prevent crises like Flint

9. One Team, One Purpose: The Role of USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service in Keeping Food Safe

8. Virginia: PFGE and whole genome sequencing show Salmonella outbreak who’s boss

7. Random dog food sample proved critical in solving human illness outbreak

6. Addition of lysosomal storage disorders to newborn screening panels is complex and highly emotional

5. Inside the public health lab Zika response: ‘It’s the great unknown as to how much longer this will go on’

4. Everything you need for Lab Week 2016

3. 3 Zika tests explained

2. Zika: Old virus, new challenges

The top blog post for 2016 was…

1. Sprouts: Just say no?

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