Food Safety

APHL Staff Explore Emerging Technologies

by Sikha Singh, specialist, Laboratory Response Network

Recently, APHL staff met with a bioMérieux representative to gather more information on an advanced microbial genotyping system. This emerging technology, called Diversilab, is geared toward rapidly tracking the spread and source of microbial infection, contamination and foodborne outbreaks. In some aspects, the Diversilab system may be comparable to Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE), a DNA “fingerprinting” method that is the gold standard for subtyping bacteria. This type of technology may be used in the future to analyze and monitor foodborne disease outbreaks. APHL staff continue to monitor emerging technologies that could benefit our member laboratories in their efforts to quickly detect pathogens and improve public health response. BioMérieux is an APHL Silver Level Sustaining Member.

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