APHL Announces Results of Board Elections

On Friday, May 7, APHL announced the results of the 2010 board of directors elections. APHL’s board is the legal authority of the association, and administers all of our property, funds and affairs. Being on the board of directors is an enormous responsibility, which is why the association’s elections and nominations processes are so important.  In its monthly calls and quarterly meetings, the board reviews program activities, progress on the annual plan, and committee motions/actions. It also meets with a host of external stakeholders from APHL’s federal partners to corporate members to international delegations.

On behalf of Secretary Treasurer, David Butcher, we present this year’s election results and offer sincere congratulations to the following:

  • President Elect, 2010-2011, Victor Waddell (AZ)
  • Member At Large, 2010-2013, Charles Brokopp (WI)
  • Local Institutional Member Representative, 2010-2013, Mary Sue Kitchen, (Fairfax County, VA)

Thank you to the Nominations Committee, chaired by Past-President Frances Downes, for its work in preparing the slate.  Also, a heart-felt “thanks” goes to the voting members for taking time to participate in the election.  If you have any questions about the process or the results, please contact Shawna Webster or call 240.485.2785.

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