Annual Meeting Highlights: Day Three

Top 5 Photos from Tuesday, June 7:

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Members participate in “Trial by Fire – Moot Court,” a mock trial involving laboratory evidence and testing.

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Georges Dahourou, laboratory services advisor, CDC (former sr. lab advisor for APHL) discusses the role of the laboratory in tracking the epidemiology of the cholera outbreak in Haiti.

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 Michael Wichman, PhD, associate director, environmental health program, State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa, discusses laboratory accreditation standards and issues. 

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Ayman El-Mohandes, MBBCH, MD, MPH, Dean, College of Public Health, University of Nebraksa, explains the connection between the health status of communities and their sense of empowerment.

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Stan Inhorn, emeritus member of APHL, and his wife enjoying the APHL awards luncheon with John Ridderhof, PhD, acting senior advisor for planning, CDC, LS3PO.

Top 10 Tweets:

Go_Vikes: According to WHO, 25% of HIV deaths worldwide are due to TB. #APHL
aphlkim: John Ridderhof gives overview of TB, global picture worse than US. (Check out Lab Matters Winter Issue on TB! #APHL
TravisJobe: Global Health is an integral program serving #APHL’s strategic plan, as described by Dr. Dave Mills
LSlayden: Dr Crouch says as a microbiologist he focused on the tree; in public health, we watch over the entire forest #aphl
JBP_EH Dr. Ayman El-Mohandes gives the #aphl Katie Kelley distinguished lecture – says his heart will always be with the lab.
Sikhasingh: Dr. El-Mohandes: when the INDIVIDUAL & the COMMUNITY influence health outcomes is when you generally achieve the best results. #aphl
TravisJobe: Dr. May Chu says that unprecedented budget cuts are reason for public health labs to re-look at how to survive and adapt. #aphl
LSlayden: Dr Pat Luedtke salutes Dr Caryln Collins w the 2011 #APHL Presidential Award; crowd murmurs approval as labs remember her remarkable career.
CathyAPHL: How do you support and develop the next generation of PH leaders in your state? Inquirying minds at #aphl want to hear your story.
scottjbecker Social network mapping is very closely related to the #aphl’s L-SIP initiative. If you haven’t engaged in L-SIP now’s the time

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