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7 times public health preparedness proved critical

7 times public health preparedness proved critical |

Our nation’s public health system responds to emergencies such as natural disasters, infectious disease outbreaks, bioterrorism attacks and more both domestically and globally. There’s no way to know what the next threat will be or when it will strike. To quickly and effectively respond to these threats, the public health system – including public health laboratories – must be prepared.

Here are seven stories that highlight the value of public health preparedness and response:

  1. Massive Molasses Mess and the Laboratory Response
  2. Testing for MERS-CoV: The Indiana Lab’s Story
  3. System Built for Responding to Bioterrorism Confirms Plague in Colorado Girl
  4. September 30, 2014: As Ebola Arrived, the Texas Public Health Lab was Ready
  5. Anthrax in Minnesota? The Laboratory Response Network Springs Into Action
  6. Responding to the Animas River disaster: Who’s testing what?
  7. Not Even Superstorm Sandy Could Stop Newborn Screening in New Jersey

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